Urlaubsbörse Reisevermittlungs GmbH

Urlaubsbörse Reisevermittlungs GmbH

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Travel Agents

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Urlaubsbörse Reisevermittlungs GmbH




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Urlaubsbörse Reisevermittlungs GmbH
Altes Stadttor 20
496 61

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Stays in budapest

We will arrange accommodation in Hungarian capital, Budapest, for you. Lovers of art can choose from great number of listed buildings, museums, galleries, theatres, cinemas, opera-houses, concert halls and in more than 200 amusement points, varicoloured programmes are performed.

Balaton accommodation

Balaton accommodation self-transport. The most suitable time for bathing in Balaton is during the three summer months, when the air temperature seldom falls below 22 ºC. The lake is fresh-water, and so people with hypersensitive skin can bathe in it without worry.

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